Tension Monitors - Ropetalk


Monitoring tension of your cables in a logging operation makes good sense from a safety and productivity perspective.  

Overloading wirerope is simple to do especially where the ropes are held tight however the converse is also true that without good knowledge of rope tension it is possible to underload.  

In the absence of a system to monitor tension the skyline brake is designed to slip as the safety mechanism, this is not always reliable especially in older machines.  Knowing tension helps maximise payload for each cycle and therefore is a measure of effective extraction while staying within safety limits.

However it is likely that at some point appropriate tension (as per safety guidelines) will be exceeded and knowing this allows you to put additional measures in place to reduce the risk of mishap.  

Initially, safe working load was designed more around rope life.  Safe working load limits of a third the breaking strain meant that spikes in tension could be accommodated without damaging the rope.  However, safety guidelines in NZ say that all loadbearing wirerope shall not exceed 1/3 of the minimum breaking strength.  It is different in Europe.

Ropetalk was designed to measure the tension with the additional benefit of logging the tension data.  The features of ropetalk include;


  • Pre-calibrated on a certified test bed for 4 different rope sizes so if ropes are changed for any reason the new rope size can be selected from a menu without needing a recalibration.  Cert page 1 and cert page 2.
  • The sensor weighs 34kg and therefore is not too arduous to remove before towering down.
  • The sensor and display communicate wirelessly
  • The tension in tonnes is displayed in easy to read numbers and turns red if overloaded.
  • A fish finder type graph is also displayed so recent history can also be reviewed
  • The system does not have an audible alarm system if an overload occurs as it is expected the operator will watch the tension through the critical part of inhaul
  • The display tension is stored and the memory is big enough to store 18 to 20 years of data.
  • The data is automatically downloaded using the Tablet provided which sends the data to a private and protected central database when in wifi connection. 
  • Mounting brackets are not supplied
  • A parts only warranty applies